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  • Member: Shinodude
  • Studio: Divine Illusion Productions
  • Title: Memories
  • Premiered: 2007-07-20
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  • Song:
    • Fallout Boy thnks fr th Mmrs
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  • Comments: I got this idea when I went to battos myspace and heard this song and thought about beck. I was extremely bored so I did it to pass time by while I waited for my computer to get fixed. My brothers computer is a pain and overheates so easily and turns off I wasnt able to finish it 2 weeks ago and decided to finish it when my moms boyfriend gave me his computer. This video got less and less funner and was a pain to push myself to finish but I am glad that I am finnaly making somthing that isnt drama =D(and I probably wont have another drama video out for sometime). I hate masking :/ this vidoe has taught me to have some patience tho =D sorta... >.> I hate masking :/

    The story for this video is that it is a collection of Koyukis memories that he had with his friends in the band. The video starts off with them saying that Koyuki made up a new song(tho chiba sings the song) and then from there it goes into the memories he had including some lives he had where chiba sang the song.

    I am not gona mark down lip sync for this b/c I didnt intend for you to lipsync(I acully tried to make it so you saw chibas mouth moving as much as possible)

    I am not gona mark digital effects either because I only used noise in it unless you count masking as an effect

    special thanks to:
    Narutobattousai(for introducing me to the song and betaing(I think))
    Sasuke2468(for betaing and offering me allot of support with everything I do)
    omegaevolution(for betaing and supporting me)
    ScoobINSMDBZ(for listening to me bitch about masking over skype and betaing(I think))
    Radical_Yue (for listening to me bitch about masking over skype)
    JaddziaDax (for beta testing)
    narutoball (for beta testing even tho I didnt listen to him. lub you david)

    ps. sorry there were no credits with bananas omega :/

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