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  • Member: Vlad G Pohnert
  • Title: Chronicles of Ghibli
  • Premiered: 2007-04-06
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    • Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Trailer
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  • Comments: I've always wanted to do a trailer and so this is my first...

    The idea hit me a while back and Narnia seemed to be the obvious choice for the trailer. At first seemed like a straight forward simple trailer video to make. Then I started to think too much and this monstrous project emerged!

    At first I couldn't decide which of the two trailers to use, but as I thought about it more and more, the first one with most of the dialog at the beginning followed by fast pasted music building up to a climax worked the best.

    From there, I thought about using two Ghibli titles, but as I thought about it, I fell further into insanity and decided to use each character from a different Ghibli film, from Miyazaki's! Hence Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke) become Peter, Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) became Susan, Pazu (Laputa) become Edmund and Chihiro (Spirited Away) Became Lucy… And the perfect choice for Aslan was obvious indeed.. Ironically, each of these characters are so much like their counterparts that it’s uncanny!

    At this point I pretty much thought that I was already insane as I wanted to make it as believable as possible to fit the trailer perfectly.

    What seemed like I would have endless material for such a short trailer ended up scrapping together character shots that would fit in with the story. I had to even resort to tricks and other methods and as such the horse and cart you see is not even from Ghibli, but from Fushigi Yūgi! (Not ONE single horse and cart shot in ANY of Ghibli's stuff… AUUUUUGG)

    Formulating all of this into what you see took a mad amount of hours for a trailer.. Nothing like spending 100s of hours of time compiling everything so that every single second of clip fit in perfectly.

    To make it even harder, I wanted to do something a bit different and that is parody every single scene (well almost every single) to the original trailer. Hence if you watch the original, you'll notice that even the views, camera movements, pans mimic the original! Total insanity indeed... Even the Totoro logo at the beginning or the "Kiki" logo is a parody of the Disney and Walden Media logos right to the same animation!

    Then I got to the end... HOLLY CRAP, the digital shot of the title of the original is fantastic and must of costs a pile of money to do. What Now! I was originally just going to have the roar followed by a simple title, but my mind started to spark once again and insanity got the best of me. I decided to parody the title almost exactly, but have it with my own title and writing and show a more of a summer setting as Miyazaki's works are all summer based (as opposed to the wintry Narnia)...

    It took 30-50 hours to make 18 seconds, and is probably the most complex visual effects shot I've ever assembled. In Fact, it got so slow that it took over 25 minutes to render on a top of the line duo core editing system using After Effects. Most of the backgrounds you see I scanned from the art books, and totally reassembled my way and event had to paint in extra mountains, clouds, skies, you name it to be able to pan away.. I was going to stop there, and just have the letter appear, but I sacrificed an entire night to make then fly around just like in the original... This is truly loving your hobby to do all this as it was indeed fun to do so well worth the effort.

    Well, hopefully it was worth it, and hopefully it's enjoyable


    Sakura-Con 2007
    - Best Trailer
    - Judge's Award
    - Best in Show
    Tekkoshocon 2007
    - Best Trailer
    - Best Technical
    - Best of Show
    Anime North
    - Momiji no Video – Judges’ Choice Award
    AWA Expo Contest 2008
    - Best trailer 2008 VCA Awards
    - Best Trailer or Commercial

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