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  • Member: Songbird21
  • Title: Ganseki No Kobushi (A Rock Lee profile)
  • Premiered: 2007-03-04
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    • Thousand Foot Krutch Rawk Fist
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  • Comments: This wound up being a bit short due to lack of footage. I actually had to dig into the filler episodes *Shudder* But even with that I had to cut the song down to 2:15. I really would've liked to be able to do the whole song, but I'm fairly happy with the end result.

    Ganseki No Kobushi (Fist of Rock)is a play on the song's title "Rawkfist". Originally, the vid was going to be titled "Rock Fist" (To go with Rock Lee), but someone beat me to it, so I had to be more creative.

    Concept and exicution: I wanted to help people see Lee the way I do--Someone who clawed his way to being a great ninja and who is an all around fun guy with a heart of gold.

    There's a part in the middle that was pure hell to edit. There's two voice tracks over the music and I had to try and pick out each of them individually.

    FX: A fair amount. Some thing's I've never tried before such as the light ring, dark contrast squares...

    Nothing else really. I adore Lee so I'm happy to finally be able to release this vid.

    I spent 5 hours giving my studio bumper a major overhaul. Please tell me what you think. ;)

    I hope you guys enjoy this vid. And please review. Even if the review is short, it still makes me happy. And I always reply when someone reviews my vids (Even if it takes a while sometimes). Sometimes you might even get a review in return. :)

    Awards won (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!):
    Tekkoshcon: First place action
    Anime Boston: Best editing

    Some fave quick comments:
    2007-05-01 Very well edited
    2007-04-30 You're an amazing editor. Congrats - Alberto
    2007-04-30 Proof that 2 great minutes are always better than 4 mediocre!
    2007-04-28 Best editing ever! The matching of Rock Lee with this song is so great!!
    2007-04-26 Nice action, great editing, I thought it deserved the action award at Anime Boston though.
    2007-04-24 Great vid keep up the good work (Dragon/Roy)
    2007-04-17 Very well done; I don't normally like Naruto, but I saw this at Tekko and was very impressed.
    2007-03-06 Yay! TFK! Really like this, very well done! and no, I don't hold it against you that you had to use stuff from the filler episodes.
    2007-03-05 Fantastic Lee tribute, and could ask for a better song? ;)

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