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  • Member: Kaysow
  • Title: Engel (Kaysow Remake)
  • Premiered: 2006-07-10
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    • Rammstein Engel
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  • Comments: Yes, this is a remake of Kevin Caldwell's original Engel AMV.

    I started out on this a few months back, just wanting to see this, my very favourite AMV in DVD-quality. It was my first, and made me fan of Asuka, Rammstein, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. But the truth be told, I didn't actually get my hands on the whole series until half a decade later. Anime was fucking expensive back then, there was no filesharing to speak of, and I was just a poor 8th grader.

    In the end, what I did was I created it very faithful to the original (save for a two shots that don't even exist on any US-release), but then I wanted to rework it a bit to "perfection", as I would call it. Can't say I really reached perfection, but it's technically better than the original. I could have kept going, but I need to get this out of my system now. There's just way too many raws on my desktop for my computer to even function properly anymore. By the end, I could barely even preview it.

    So I'd say it's just like Kevin Caldwell's original, apart from a few tweaks, and better syncing (not only the lips). Made with raw, interlaced footage. Only I downloaded a the Renewal-version of "End of Eva", and even in Xvid-form, it's still better looking than my Manga Entertainment DVD. And it's been edited quite a bit, with more than 200 photoshopped frames added for better lipsyncing. This version is de-interlaced, btw, since it's meant to be played on computers.

    A while back, I was informed by Aaron Clark ( that this task has already been completed for Sand Camel's Instrumental Extras DVD. Needless to say, that took a lot of fun out of it, which is probably why in the end, I decided to make it a bit more personal than I had originally intended.

    Props goes out to Turbo, for making the first remastering of Caldwell's original, leaving his notes up and helping me locate clips faster (I've only been an Eva-nut for a few months).

    I don't really know how to rate it fairly, considering it's not really my creative work. Just decide for yourself and enjoy the video.

    This is the final, updated version. In 640x480 for your fullscreen viewing pleasure.

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