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  • Member: blaku92
  • Studio: Blaku Keendai Productions
  • Title: When Dildos Attack 3
  • Premiered: 2006-05-01
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    • Blaku Keendai and Friends When Dildos Attack part 3
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  • Comments: It's the one you've all been waiting for (or not). Blaku Keendai's third episode of the amazing When Dildos Attack series. This was a real blast to make and you can expect the extremely talented voices of:

    Krivin Dontanai as Paragus, Goku, Commercial voice
    Kyle Allen as Goku, King Vegeta, Commercial Voice
    Robbie Hill as Trunks, Microids safety warning
    Blaku Keendai as Brolly, Vegeta, Gutts

    This episode further reveals the story of how Paragus and Brolly the Legendary Super Saiyan Singer/Killer began their dildo sales business. Laugh your butt off !! This video is not meant for children and isn't meant to be a lip-sync video of any sorts. This video was made for those who hate Dragon Ball Z or just enjoy making fun of how crappy it can be. Just sit back and enjoy!


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