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  • Member: KentaroPJJ
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  • Title: Narutowned
  • Premiered: 2006-05-01
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    A-kon 17
    Expert's Contest Fan Favorite
    Expert's Contest Best Comedy

    I always enjoyed making little parody videos. Sometimes short, sometimes long.

    When I saw something like AMV Hell be so successful, I figured I could try to make one cause I like to do videos like that so much!

    It's also been forever since i've done a comedy, so I decided to make one.

    This video can be watched without seeing Naruto, but some jokes might be funnier if you are a naruto fan.
    Some spoilers ARE included in this video.

    Just in case I will explain the different sections of this video.


    1. Stereotypical Action AMV Song
    2. Emo song...much like Sasuke.
    3. Actually just random.
    4. Pokemon battle song as title? Because it's cool.
    5. Shikamaru likes to stare at the skies and clouds
    6. Itachi wants Sasuke to grow stronger and "Take him out"
    7. Random, but the scenes match.
    8. Chouji...he's fat.
    9. Haku uses ice.
    10. Frog.
    11. Training, like in Mulan.
    12. Haku is a guy that looks like a girl.
    13. Jiraiya loves the women.
    14. Just fun with Orochimaru
    15. Orochimaru is truly WHITE.
    16. Making fun at the Dragonball Z-ness of Naruto.
    17. Kiba loves his dog.
    18. Naruto wants to be the hokage, which is like the king.
    19. Shikamaru fights with SHADOWs.
    20. Self-explanatory.
    21. Sasuke's an ass, but Sakura still loves him.
    22. Self-explanatory.
    23. Fitting scenes. Plus i love this song.
    24. Gaara uses sand. (Recycled video from my AMV Hell 3 entry)
    25. Self-explanatory.
    26. They wear black.
    27. His chakra forms butterfly wings.
    28. Family Guy.
    29. Thier summons are kind of like Pokemon.
    30. Infamous scene.
    31. The ninjas can walk/run on water.
    32. Kimimaro uses his bones to fight.
    33. Self-explanatory.
    34. The two brothers that are always together, they're even attached! Sakon/Ukon
    35. Sasuke tells Naruto he "Won't lay a finger on my forehead". Therefore, he can't touch it.
    36. Everytime Sasuke does something, Naruto does something better. Vice versa.
    37. Fun with Orochimaru and Kabuto's "Gay qualities"
    38. Poking fun at the NEVER ENDING FILLERS that Naruto has. "Why do you fillER me up?"
    39. A parody of the Breakfast Club.
    40. parody of Street Fighter


    I had several more ideas (my original video ended up being 17 minutes long, and that's just crazy, so I cut it down to 7 minutes.

    If this video is successful, i'd like to make a another one.

    Please enjoy, and leave feedback! =D

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