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  • Member: Turankusu
  • Studio: Cryptic Aura Studios
  • Title: Epiphany
  • Premiered: 2006-04-05
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    • Staind Epiphany
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    Epiphany - A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization.

    “I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself”
    ~ Frank Maier

    Normally I would tell you to define it if you don't already know what it means but I did you a favor and did it for you. Now as to where this video had come from, was by reminiscense. This video is actually based upon a video I saw way back in 2001 or so in DBZGT Legacy, which is no longer existant at all now and I miss it very much actually. This is basically the same ordeal as that original from what I can barely remember, except the way I made the video coloration. The very first time I saw the video back then, I thought it sucked. Like I didn't get it at all. But it was only after watching it just a few more times over, did I actually get a small sulk in my eye and finally knew the concept of the video and what it was actually showing.

    The Making:

    As simple as this video would look it only took me a decent amount of time to make it considering how slow the song is, and I mean VERY slow. I would say a good 30 hours worth of editing in a 3 week time span. (If you think that's long for a simple video like this, it's because I was either lazy or preocuppied, but you should know how that is) There were certain times in this video, that it was such a bitch to correct. There were orphan frames and flashes of scenes that are not supposed to be in the clips I'm using to make it so it was very frustrating, and annoying. The rendering was ridiculously long as well, but that's mostly due to because about a good 90% of this video was made out of 2 effects only.

    The Video:

    The story of this video now, sounds a bit simple but to me I think it's out of the ordinary and should gain some originality points. This is all about Trunks and Gohan, that is it. It starts out with Trunks finding Gohan's dead body, then as a sudden event it flashes to memories he's had spent with Gohan. Everything they've been through together, the conflicts they've been in, the fun, the drama, etc. It just shows a good quality time that a boy has when looking up to a master and a friend like Gohan since he was the only one he had, so to add a little bit of emotion to the eye of the viewer this video was made in all black and white EXCEPT for the main character, which is Trunks and Gohan. So they are the only significant people in color, nothing else.

    I won't say everything's in color since there are some shadings that are still in color, just to give a more reality sense. Everything that goes on in the video is all in Trunks's head I should say, this is what he sees when seeing the very person, the only other person besides his mother he cared and loved dead. Thus by the end of the video he discovers a climactic change of events, which is where the title of the video gets its name Epiphany, which is what Trunks experienced.


    Now ending this as my final words, this video is purely based and in reminiscense of a once old video I watched years ago and just tying to bring back the essence of it with more of a story. Try not to get at me, because I know this is probably not the best video I've done as of recently compared to my last two but I still put some effort into this and it's my own thought and idea that counts for it. I just hope this actually brings a bit of emotional thought to the people watching this, or maybe bring a tear to your eye.

    I'm not going into assumptions on this because I never experienced seeing the dead body of a dear friend, but if anything I would say that this is the sort of thing people would see in their eyes when first seeing someone close to them passing on. If I'm wrong, then please try not to haggle me in your opinions on what people really think and feel.

    (*Spoiler: This Video Has NO Action In It! Gasp!*)

    ~ Torankusu

    Video/Technical Specs:

    Video Length: 4:35
    Video Codec: XviD (FourCC XviD Decoded)
    Video Quality: 3165 Kbps 2.0 Quantizer
    Audio Codec: Lame MP3
    Audio Quality: 48000Hz 192 kbps
    Resolution: 512x384
    Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
    File Size: 51.9 MB (54,455,216 bytes)

    Programs Used:

    Sony Vegas 6.0d
    AviC FourCC


    Your words to me just a whisper
    Your face is so unclear
    I try to pay attention
    Your words just disappear

    'Cause its always raining in my head
    Forget all the things I should have said

    So I speak to you in riddles
    Because my words get in my way.
    I smoke the whole thing to my head and feel it
    wash away 'cause i can't take anymore
    of this, I want to come apart.
    or dig myself a little hole inside
    your precious heart

    'Cause its always raining in my head
    Forget all the things I should have said

    I am nothing more than a little boy inside
    That cries out for attention
    yet I always try to hide
    'Cause I talk to you like children,
    Though I don't know how I feel
    But I know I'll do the right thing
    If the right thing is revealed

    'Cause its always raining in my head
    Forget all the things I should have said

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