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  • Member: mEISdAVID
  • Studio: Special Hell Productions
  • Title: Tomoe Revisited
  • Premiered: 2006-01-08
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation Stand My Ground
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  • Comments: This video represtents a true breakthrough for me. I've been a fan of kenshin on and off for a long time now. Honestly, at the moment I'm not really into it. This video is about more than Kenshin or making my third AMV.

    Back in December of 2005 I saw p0d's video Final Chapter and enjoyed the music a great deal. (I also ended up getting myself Chrno Crusade and enjoying that, but that's not important) A different song from the Within Temptation CD caught my eye and seemed to really tell a story that had a great deal parallel to the story of Tomoe, Kenshin's first wife.

    I let that idea be for a while and made my second video which is more fun and simple in its intentions.

    After making that video however I felt I wanted to make this idea a reality.

    What I hope you guys get from watching this is the true scope of Tomoe's pain and uncertainty.

    Now onto the video itself. I felt that one of the biggest issues that Tomoe faced was simply relating to Kenshin's violent hitokiri nature. One of the big ispirations for the video was me contemplating what might have been going through her mind as she lived with Kenshin. The song always felt like it had a real sense of grief and I did my best to build on it. I'm not going to say I hope you enjoy it because simply enjoying it isn't what I'm going for. I do hope you feel emotions that you weren't feeling before you watched this. If that means enjoying the video, be my guest.

    (PS: the intro bothers me... it's really not the same feeling as the video, but I felt that the video didn't make as much sense without it... as far as I'm concerned everything before the lyrics begin is just a prelude and not really part of the video)

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