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  • Member: Spellcaster
  • Studio: SpellcasterProductions
  • Title: ~Memories~ (An Usagi/Seiya Tribute)
  • Premiered: 2002-08-03
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    • Saber Marionette J OST Background Music
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  • Comments: Well one day I was talking to a friend of mine on AIM, and we decided it was time for an Usagi/Seiya vid to be put out there! So she gathered some footage, I got some images, I got out my program, and I edited until I saw fit.

    I really like this vid and am pretty proud of myself. There's only one thing I don't like. The minor subtitles in a few scenes. No wait don't go! Wait!!! It's just TWO scenes people! Just TWO SCENES! Please give this video a chance. I actually quite like it.


    First video using LITERALLY only one anime.
    First Sailormoon Video.

    Thank you and I hope all you Usagi/Seiya supporters (and maybe some of you who really aren't) are happy and/or will enjoy this vid.

    JA NE!!!

    Spellcasta-chan. ^~

    ::IMPORTANT MESSAGE if you want this vid please AIM me at "spellcasteriira" and I can file send it to you. Or you may email me at "" and we can work something out. Thanks! Bye now! END OF IMPORTANT MESSAGE::

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