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  • Member: Pen^2
  • Title: The Beauty and Horror of Gaia
  • Premiered: 2002-08-03
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    • Final Fantasy VI Opera
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  • Comments: Ok, I've been wanting to do an Escaflowne amv for a while now, but I could either never find a good song to do it with, or someone else had already done it(funny how things happen that way). However, I finally found a good song, and thus was able to make the amv. The music comes from FF6, and was used in one of the fmvs on the PSX version. I had to take the music directly from the PSX game, and because of that, I had little control over a few moments when the sound effects are louder than the actual music. Gomen ^_^;. Though if there are a few sound geru's out there who know how to edit such things, please drop me an e-mail.

    Anyway, I used DVD as a video source, although you probably won't notice due to the realplayer format. Sorry 'bout that, but free web space isn't that generious ^^;. I used Adobe Premier 6 to edit the clips, and it took me about 4 days on and off to complete it. There are no real digital effects other than a couple of fades, and since there are no lyrics in this version of the song, no lip sync either. I think it turned out ok, but a lot of my friends really liked it, so I hope you enjoy it too.

    *note:taken down due to low web space, sorry*

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