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  • Member: CrimsonDomingo
  • Title: God's (Sephiroth's) Puppets
  • Premiered: 2005-11-24
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    • Face to Face The Devil You Know (God is a Man)
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  • Comments: With this AMV I really wanted to explore showing how the clones are merely parts of Sephiroth whether they want to be or not, and that it really is unfair they have so little will of their own. I sypathize with them because they are merely puppets, perhaps even more so than Cloud ever was. I tried very hard for the transitions in some scenes to make it look as if the clones are not only each other, but also Sephiroth--one being in many parts. I think this turned out wonderfully, my favorite AMV of all so far. Please let me know. The song seemed especially fitting since, after all, Sephiroth is a god. ;-) Also, the lyrics really fit for how the other characters look at the clones, and how, possibly, the clones don't even want to do what they do but feel they have no choice.

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