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  • Member: Cookiesgomeow
  • Title: Bakura and Marik are Democrats... So what?
  • Premiered: 2006-06-22
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    • Rusty Humphrey Dawn of The Democrats
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  • Comments: First of all, I have nothing against Democrats, Republicans, or whatever the hell anyone is! I just saw this CD and thought it might be fun to make a video of it. Okay. With that said, this was my first AMV I ever made, I made it like... a year ago, but thats no reason for it to suck. If it does please let me know it sucks so I can (with any luck) attempt to fix it. I got this idea when I was looking through some CDs at my in-laws house and laughed when I heard it so I thought Id make a AMV out of it. I did it to Bakura and Marik cuz they are my fav characters. Well thats about it, let me know what you think!

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