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  • Member: Vir
  • Title: Hvis
  • Premiered: 2005-12-10
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    • Dina Hvis
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  • Comments: If you don't understand Norwegian, here is a rough translation of the lyrics:

    If (Hvis)

    "Smiling mirror,
    With cracks and with faults,
    Sees the child has turned into a man.
    The gods granted me, the strangest of souls,
    That struggles with courage sometimes,
    But you and I,
    Have come quite a bit of the way,
    Take away ev'ry word,
    I know you know my meaning.

    If you were sea I'd be a river,
    If you were the sky I surely would have wings, yeah,
    If you were rain I would be your sea and land.
    If you were music I would be a song,
    If you were the uplands I would be the wind there,
    But didn't you exist, then I would just be nothing.

    Come my beloved,
    The moon is so big,
    All the windows are open tonight.
    Open up to the world where love dwells and lives
    Just come keep me waking tonight.
    We are here,
    The time passes by,
    You are near
    We do it again when the sun rises up, oh.



    I hope you can get something out of my first music video, also those that don't understand Norwegian.

    The local download is in in XVid, with audio in MPEG-1 layer II. This one is recommended for size and quality. Plus you get to give star ratings. See How to play videos.
    The inderect version is in full MPEG-1 format. Larger, and possibly lower quality, but more compatible with older players.


    I heard this song on the radio, and it got stuck in my head. Yes, it's an over-produced re-make of an old Swedish släger, but I liked it anyway. As I recorded the song from the radio and listened to it a few times, this AMV started to take shape. I had an idea about a few of the shots allready. After a while, I just had to get this thing out of my head. So when I had finished moving between apartments, I went to work on my first AMV.

    First, I did a test where I imported part of the Evangelion scene, and checked how it looked. Then I did it again, this time with de-interlacing switched on. With that niggle out of the way, I spent about six person-weeks making this music video, spread out over the autumn of 2005. Two weeks of this consisted of importing DVD footage and learning how to encode the finished product.

    Oddly enough, I didn't become sick of the song during the production, but it's a good thing I used headphones: my immediate surroundings were so disturbed by my choice of music that I've gotten suggestions to make AMVs of "Rosa helikopter" and some old Knutsen og Ludvigsen songs next. I'm not sure I can take that.

    Next time, if there is one, I'll use a more streamlined process where less of my time is spent jockeying decompressors and transcoders, and more is spent on actually editing. But it was fun. :-)


    I'd like to thank the other people in my anime club who served as critics on this video, especially timing and lip sync issues, and thanks to metellius for lending me his Infinite Ryvius DVD. And I'd like to thank Koopiskeva for making Euphoria. That AMV was the reason that I started watching RahXephon.

    Here's the software I used for the production:

    CLip Creator

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