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  • Member: Mifnar Daegor
  • Title: 4 Stories (director's cut)
  • Premiered: 2005-12-08
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    • Rage All This Time
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  • Comments: Our new AMV. And I think we are up one level this time.
    This AMV participated at AKROSS CON 2005

    "4" - is the number, that considered to bring bad luck in Japan, cause it's pronunciation realy close to the word "death".
    This AMV tells 4 different stories that are united by the absolute lack of a good endings.

    The lyrics of the song:

    All This Time

    [Music and Lyrics by P. Wagner]

    Now, as I had a look at you
    it took a heartbeat and I knew
    that the candle of my life was burning shorter.
    You turned me ‘round to face myself,
    to make me trust in what I am,
    now, after all that I have done it makes me wonder I'm around.

    Now the night has gone, better days to come.
    All this time I have been afraid, it is not too late...

    All this time while we talked my thoughts collided.
    All this time I could have seen but I was blind.
    All this time...

    I thought I'd never see the day
    that in myself I'd feel this way.
    We are the meaning and we know. Forever different - the same.

    Now the night has gone, better days to come.
    All this time I have strained my mind, waiting for a sign.

    Time is like a river that is running out to sea.
    We can't touch the ground, so grab a blade of straw.
    If you swim on waves of trust you cannot even drown,
    when you hit the shores of love you cannot die...

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