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  • Member: penguinsoda
  • Studio: Penguin Soda Productions
  • Title: "Wreck of Love" -- Loveless
  • Premiered: 2005-12-07
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    • Anna Nalick Wreck of the Day
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  • Comments: Ummmm... the video quality on this is sort of bad. :/ I got it as good as I could get it, and am still interested in ANY help anyone can give me on improving it. Anyway.

    In spite of the quality, and a point where I should've faded the scenes together, I rather like this. I think it comes together well.

    It speaks a lot about Ritsuka's mindset, I think, and all the various bits of love flying around the show. Unrequited love (Soubi, the girl whose name escapes me, the boy with long hair... so bad with names right now), shared love (Midori and co, Ritsuka and Soubi), lost love (Ritsuka and Seimei, Ritsuka and his mom - though the last isn't as pronounced).

    I hope you enjoy it, but if you don't, I can understand it. ^^

    *bowbow* Arigatou. :3

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