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  • Member: Shazzy
  • Studio: Ishtori Productions
  • Title: Kenshin & Tomoe
  • Premiered: 2005-12-07
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  • Song:
    • Straylight Run It's For The Best
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  • Comments: The video begins with a small segment of Kenshin's background before focusing on the effect of Tomoe and Kenshin on each other's lives. I chose It's For The Best because it expresses their relationship: short, bittersweet, and ultimately "for the best."

    For your viewing pleasure, don't anticipate constant scene changes on the beat. Synching is tied to the movements of the characters themselves, especially movements of the eyes, head, and hands. Generally, when there is more than one layer of animation, each layer is timed to a different melody in the song. The song itself adds layers over time and I tried to match that effect visually.

    This is my first anime music video. Enjoy and leave an opinion!

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