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  • Member: Epuxisum
  • Title: 2033 Bubblegum Crisis
  • Premiered: 2005-12-03
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    • 21 jump street theme 21 jump street
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  • Comments: I made this AMV because I love 21 jump street, and especially the opening...strange isn't it.
    And I choose Bubblegum Crisis for anime, even if the story as nothing is commen with 21 jump street, cause I remember in this anime a lot of scenes who could look like some one in the original opening of 21 jump street. So I decide to make an AMV who respect all the transitions and the sync of the 21 jump street's opening.
    In fact if you see my AMV and after (or before) you'll see the original opening. You'll can aprecied the similary between the two vids. I essentially work for this result.
    I admit that it's not a very complex AMV, but I've had pleasiour and fun to make it.
    So I hope you enjoy to see it as much as I enjoy to make it.

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