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  • Member: Ally aka izumi
  • Title: Naruto...mon?
  • Premiered: 2005-11-29
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    • Asian Kung Fu Generation Haruka Kanata
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  • Comments: I thought it’d be fun to watch a Digimon AMV that parodied one of my favorite Naruto openings. Of course, there are no Digimon AMVs that do that so I decided to make one myself and if you’ve seen the Naruto openings then you’ll know that trying to recreate ANY of them using a different series is no easy task. A lot of time and work went into this video of mine so I hope that those of you who are taking the time to read this will also take the time to watch my second parody AMV.

    Several programs were used for this:

    Adobe Audition:
    Used to make a TV sized version of “Haruka Kanata”. I also kept in the guitar at the beginning as a sort of intro to this parody.

    Adobe Photoshop:
    Used to Naruto-ize the Digimon title as well as creating the opening text in the video. Used also to edit the images that you’ll see flying through this video and the Kaiser glasses too in order for Takuya and Kouji to appear in them.

    Virtual Dub:
    Used to make clips of the 02 footage I needed for this video since the videos would not open in Premiere due to codec problems.

    Adobe Premiere Pro:
    Used to put everything together and make the edits that I needed such as pans, split screens, zooms, cropping, and roll away.

    Movie Maker:
    Used to save the final version as a WMV file (I don't like working with AVI, too big of a file ^^;)

    Figuring out what footage matched the visuals of the opening wasn’t really hard at all. Though there were times in this video where I couldn’t find a good match and ended up getting a little creative. The shot of the “senseis” ended up being split screens of four Digimon characters that I thought could be considered as a sensei or mentor. They were Gennai, Piximon, Seraphimon, and Ophanimon. There were supposed to be more of them, but I couldn’t think of any others who could fit in that category. The shot of the Digimon Kaiser’s glasses was another part where I got a little creative. There was no possible way for me to replicate the visuals of that part of the opening and I made it so that it still implies the same sort of thing (if that makes any sense :P). The instrumental part of the song was even tougher. There is nothing in any of the seasons of Digimon that comes close to looking like that part of the opening and so I ended up making a roll away effect during that segment. Also the ending segment, I decided to do something different by using images of the Digimon partners instead. Lol the show is about Digimon after all, they deserve to be in a recreated opening. If you look carefully, you’ll see that I replaced Armadillomon with Wormmon in a shot of Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon to stay consistent with the teams that I created.

    The “casting” for this video wasn’t hard at all either. Here’s the who’s who list with a little explanation of why on the side:

    Kanbara Takuya - Uzumaki Naruto (same japanese voice lol)
    Minamoto Kouji - Uchiha Sasuke (both are brooding characters)
    Orimoto Izumi - Haruno Sakura (I‘m not sure why but the match up seems logical)
    Bokomon - Hatake Kakashi (well they both carry around a book, except Kakashi carries around a manga full of hentai XD)
    Yagami Taichi - Rock Lee (Yamato's/Neji's rival)
    Ishida Yamato - Hyuuga Neji (Dark characters because of family issues)
    Takenouchi Sora - Tenten (see Izumi)
    Izumi Koushirou - Nara Shikamaru (both are very intelligient)
    Kidou Jou - Akimichi Chouji (Junpei would’ve been a better pick for this character, but I wanted to keep the teams from the same season.)
    Tachikawa Mimi - Yamanaka Ino (both are vain)
    Hida Iori - Aburame Shino (both are serious characters)
    Takaishi Takeru - Inuzuka Kiba (because Patamon and Akamaru like to perch on their heads lol)
    Yagami Hikari - Hyuuga Hinata (both are reserved and meek characters)
    Kimura Kouichi - Yakushi Kabuto (both work or have worked as the antagonist)
    Motomiya Daisuke- Kankuro (both have been frustrated over Ken/Gaara)
    Ichijouji Ken - Gaara (both have found enjoyment in others' pain)
    Inoue Miyako - Temari (both care about Ken/Gaara)
    Cherubimon - Orochimaru (villains that have or had control over Kouichi/Kabuto)

    I hope you enjoy this parody! Please please please please PLEASE leave an opinion! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna take a long break from making AMVs after the whole editing job I had to go through with this one…

    Oh yeah, this video may end up seeming like nonsense to those of you who haven't seen the 2nd Naruto opening, but it's still fun to watch I think...

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