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  • Studio: Windows Movie Maker
  • Title: Full Metal Alchemist-Roy & Riza Music Video
  • Premiered: 2006-05-25
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    • Hikaru Utada First Love
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  • Comments: This is my first Roy & Riza video I done. The idea came up in my mind, and I'm not really a obessed fan of this couple, but I can support them, because I know they were destined to be with each other (lol). This video didn't take too long to do with the arranging all the clips. But it did take forever to save. As said before, my computer is like way out of virtual memory so it sucks BIG time to save anything. This video file was pretty big, so I can understand. And I'm very thankful that is saved it atleast. First off the video doesn't have a point to it, its just showing the many clips of the time Roy and Riza were together or even by theirselves and the struggles they went through. The song I chosed for it is in japanese which means a different language, so if you don't like different language music, don't watch this. You will probably be wasting your own time. I like this song myself, it kind of goes with the video if you look at it in a certain way. The song is titled First Love by Utada Hikaru she sung it in english, but I preferred the original more, it sounds much better in my opinion. The song I guess you can add it up as Riza thinks of Roy as her First Love...(lol) Anyways of overall doing this video and looking over it enough, I thought it turned out decent.

    The viewing size is small because my computer can't hold the bigger viewing. Anywho I hope you guys like it, opinions and of course quick comments are welcome. Just try to hold the flames, I can take critic, but flames...Ehh. My main point was trying to go with the beat of the song, though I may have failed in some parts. Enjoy!:)

    PS: At the beginning the little introduction I have, will go by really fast. But that isn't really important for you to read. So no worries... (lol)


    Thanks to everyone who watches and enjoyed it ^_^

    *I also like to point out since I got a Quick Comment from somebody who said this, and if anybody else feels this way as well.

    [I like to say I put effort into all of my work I do. Now if you feel that there is a bunch of clips threw together in this video well it's all just to prove that the video doesn't really have a point, it's just showing the many clips of Roy and Riza. I KNOW I stated that at the beginning of the speech above this.

    Not all music videos have to have a point, and no one is really allowed to say the person hasn't put any effort into it either, since the person doesn't know the creator and doesn't know how long they really put effort into it. I worked really hard on this video and I also had a hell of time trying to save it to show to everyone. So I just want to make that clear to the person, because I really feel they had no right to say I didn't put any effort into this video...But nonetheless I thank the person at the same time since they still oddly liked it. So this message since I can't reply back goes to you who left that comment and you know who you are, and to anyone who may feel this way, thank you.]

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