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  • Member: guy07
  • Title: 3A Goes Straight To Video
  • Premiered: 2005-11-28
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    • MSI Straight To the Video
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  • Comments: Wow, this video was fun to make. This is only like the 5'th video i'v made with vegas so i'm still learning. If u watch this and my other ones, I think you'll see how far i'v come.

    As for the plot, the plot basically is, Negi starts a cosplay site for his class staring his class. Things must go very well during the auditions cuz some of the students go the extra mile ...i wont give any more details away, but i'm gona say that if this video doesn't make you smileat least once, u need to see a doctor. I went even further with the FX and the lip sync isn't bad, It could be better but i'm a busy guy and pressed for time. OH, one more thing ...there's a special guest apperance from Inuyasha ....or is there?!

    ENJOY THE VIDEO! and don't be affaid to leave a opinion or a star at least.
    PS. I'm not a pedophile, i just though it would be funny ....don't jugde me! lol

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