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  • Member: The -1
  • Studio: MajynGoten & The -1 Productions
  • Title: Unbounded Tetsujin
  • Premiered: 2005-11-28
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  • Songs:
    • Juno Reactor Teahouse
    • Juno Reactor / Don Davis Tetsujin
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Now don't just completely disregard this video just because I used Dragon Ball Z as my footage. Don't judge an AMV by the name of it's anime footage being used. That's just rude AND disrespectful to the creator. To me, it would be like spitting in my face and callin' me a b!tch (trying not to cuss here, this is a happy place 8^) ). When I have a vision, and see that a certain anime series or movie, or whatever has the potential to work really well with this song(s), I'm not going to shun the idea just because "Oh, this anime's been used SOOO many times already!" C'mon, I've watched certain AMV creator's work for years as they progressed, and I've notived that they tend to use the same anime in a lot of videos (i.e., ErMaC using Evangelion in like almost half his AMVs). So before you "hate" on the video, try taking a look at it first.

    I personally want to say that this video had a great flow between both songs as you get two different themes for the same movie. The first song (from The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack) portrays everyone's "initiation" into the final round. Kind of like how Neo had to go through a small "test" to prove his worth to meet with the Oracle. The second song (from The Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack) I believe had the same feeling as the scene in The Matrix Revolutions where Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph go through with the "coat checking". It had a nice flow of things, that's all I should say. Oh, one more thing, to get a full feel of the video, turn up your volume a bit so you can hear the transition between both songs as one ends and another begins.

    Before anyone feels like they want to bash my head in, I just want to apologize for diming out ErMac. I truly love his work, it's very artistic and tasteful, but it is true about what I had to say about most of his videos. He used an anime that I think is cliched (even if it is one of the best anime ever). I respect him along with every AMV creator. You all have your differences and tastes, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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