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  • Member: Decoy
  • Studio: Decoy Ops
  • Title: Raging Soul
  • Premiered: 2005-11-28
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    • Trapt Headstrong
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  • Comments: After much procrastination, my Bleach AMV is finally complete.

    It’s an Action/Drama [which is more action than drama :/] – I tried doing a narrative story… but as you will see, the vid will just look like mindless action if you don’t read this description.

    The Theme.

    Renji goes to earth to take Rukia back. Ichigo tries to stop him, but fails, as he is too weak. Ichigo asks Ishida to help him save Rukia. Ishida agrees, but only because he has an ulterior motive and that is to avenge his grandfather’s death.

    They both train to become stronger. Eventually they go to Soul Society, but Ichigo will have a tougher time than Ishida in accomplishing his goal. He’ll have to face Soul Societies strongest before he can get to Renji.

    The vid is split up in three parts.

    First: The jealous Renji comes to earth to take Rukia back, Ichigo’s fails and makes comeback where he faces Zaraki.

    Second: Ishida’s quest to kill Mayuri, the man responsible for the death of his Grandfather and many other Quincy’s.

    Renji: A little background for Renji and Rukia – I made it look like there was conflict between the two. That’s the reason Rukia left. The Renji vs Ichigo fight is the final battle to decide who of the two take Rukia [that sounds a bit chauvinistic, dunno how to phrase it otherwise :P]….

    Watch the vid and see who wins in the end, I could’ve made it go Renji or Ichigo’s way.


    The Effects

    The people who are expection something similar to my previous AMV’s will be disappointed, I did use Adobe After Affects to so that I can do some of the stuff I can’t normally do in Premiere [Premiere’s blending modes suck] the main reason why I used AE is for a blur technique that /really/ cleaned up my footage.

    There are various other bar/rectangle effects nothing to obtrusive imo, also some pulsing effects on heavy guitar riffs that look very badass. AE Glow here and there ditto on Trapcode Shine [not nealyr as heavy as NTB]


    The Technical Stuff.

    Resolution: 640 x 480
    Play Duration:
    Codec: Xvid

    Episodes used: 01 - 44


    The Special Thanks

    Icycloud [Aquasky] - :-* Thanks for inspiring the title
    Inthesto: #R > 3S
    Sierra Lorna: When will we see a Bleach vid?
    Bma: Thanks for the heart beats?

    Thanks for beta testing guys.


    And on that note, I hope you enjoy the vid.


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