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  • Member: .:Hope:.
  • Title: Itsumo Eien Ni - Remastered
  • Premiered: 2005-11-27
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    • Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Theme)
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  • Comments: I have finally remastered this video that I originally made a few days before and after the beginning of this year. Didn't take too long, ne? I had a few bumps in a road, and almost thought I wouldn't be able to complete it, but I finally did, and I must say, I love it to bits. It has better graphics than the original, as well as better editing. I kept most of the scenes I had, since I didn't have much of a problem with it. As well, these scenes were originally in my concept work when I was planning out this video, so I had no reason to change them. There are some that I have changed, even from my concept work, but I hope it works out better. It's not such a big change, so it should be all right. So all and all, this is how I originally wanted Itsumo Eien Ni to look like.

    This was my second MV, but the first one to ever actually be able to upload and show to everyone. It was no surprise that the graphics were bad and I didn't know how to use WMM properly. I got the idea when my mom brought home this karoake machine from her trip to the Philippines. 'My Heart Will Go On' is my favouritist song on it (reminds me of a special someone whom the video is dedicated to), plus the first I ever got a 100 on (though we all know the thing's rigged -shifty eyes-). Since it's a love song, I decided to feature my two favourite couples from the Final Fantasy series, Tidus & Yuna and Rinoa & Squall. And viola, the AMV was well on its way to starting.

    It didn't take very long to create a concept plan and make the video (only a few days, but I spent most of the day working on it), which I think was pretty evident when I made it the first time. Still, with all the planning, it wasn't so spur of the moment, or 'create the video as I went'. It's a special video to me, for a special person, so I really wanted to plan it and do it right. I didn't use a lot of special effects, if any, even after remastering it, because I felt that this was a simple song, not some action bit, and I wanted the focus to be on the meaning of the video and not so much the effects. So, it's a very simple movie, but I hope, and believe, that it got the point across. The title, 'Itsumo eien Ni', is Japanese, meaning 'Always Eternally'. I'm a big hopeless romantic ^^v

    WMM still didn't seem to accept any of my .AVI files. It crashed and froze like crazy. Still, I was able to introduce more selection of video than what I had in the original. For the scenes I did use, there is a short spoiler scene of the Sad Ending from FFX-2, which I felt fit better than the Perfect Ending I was using before. Just to give heads up. It's nothing too big (just sad). The others also show the endings, so if you don't want to be spoiled, you should watch with caution. I choose the Titanic Version of the song, for the extended version was too long for me to use with the small pickings of FMVs. I think it sounds better anyway, too! ^-^

    For those who have already seen the original video, I hope you take the time to watch it again and tell me what you think of this new, better, and real version of it. For those who haven't seen the original, please still watch it and tell me what you think. Just be glad you didn't see the first version! There is also an indirect link that has also been updated from the old video. Remember, I love opinions~! So please don't hesistate to leave one.

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