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  • Member: ErMaC
  • Studio: ErMaC Studios
  • Title: Next Year
  • Premiered: 2001-04-28
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    • Foo Fighters Next Year
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  • Comments: I really enjoyed Wings of Honneamise. It was a really moving film and one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately Manga butchered the Region 1 DVD of the disc so it looks like crap but that's another story. This video was something I did because I wanted to see if I could make a good video without doing any effects at all. There are no transitions added by me (except the fade at the end, and the 2 in the middle are actually part of the film) and I never even use a second video track.

    I was hoping I could make a video which was purely an artistic endeavor. Alan Stoll did something similar later on with his "Anti-Video" and FLCL, but I actually did this video in February so I guess it predates his. =) Although I think his video is a little better than mine in some respsects. ;-)

    Special Thanks to Kong Chang on this video for lending me his Limited Edition Japanese Wings of Honneamise DVD, which has an absolutely beautiful progressive, anamorphic transfer of the film. The video wouldn't have looked as good without his help.

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