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  • Member: The -1
  • Studio: MajynGoten & The -1 Productions
  • Title: Deception & Forsaken
  • Premiered: 2005-11-27
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  • Song:
    • David Draiman Forsaken
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  • Comments: This is officially the FIRST AMV that I have created using Premiere Pro the FIRST time. Mind you, this IS NOT my first AMV (I have plenty more made before this years ago, just never had the resources to do anything 'til now). Of course, after viewing, reviewing, and reviewing my videos again and again, I've carefully decided to only pick a few of my older videos that will get a chance to be publicly displayed at the infamous AMV.Org. I've learned throughout all my years of AMV creating is that it's about quality over quantity and not the other way around. Hopefully this will help some of you newbies understand the art of AMV creation. I just like throw my two cents in now, since I never had the chance then.

    Anyway, about the video, it's a fun project to be doing, but it was also the biggest headache I have ever dealt with. Believe me when I say it, that whatever your first attempt at something was a great success, you should leave it alone. Unfortunately, I never had the good fortune or wisdom of listening to my own words so here I am, recreating this video once again, AND FOR THE LAST TIME!!! I am never again recreating this video, no matter how much I complain about the simple fact that I see "something wrong" with it. If you were wondering about how many different versions I have of this video, I'd have to say maybe 4 or 5 different versions 9off the top of my head). Now think about those 4 or 5 other versions being created throughout a period of 2 yrs. 2 YRS of other potential AMVs that could've been created with my creative thought process. No, I had to be a perfectionist who wanted the best and nothing but the best. So, why do I keep the older imperfect ones? I guess it helps me realize that wasting precious time remaking a video more than once is NOT, and I repeat gladly, IS NOT worth the amount of time, creativity, and personal drive for a new AMV to make its debut. If its got a few kinks here and there, and they're not noticablt to the human eye (unless, like me, you watch 8 million times until satisfied), just let it go. Now that I have vented, and ranted, about this video, I guess there's not much else for me to say about it except to enjoy it, because I have LITERALLY been slaving over it for years. Now I may put it to rest.

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