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  • Member: GreyDuck
  • Studio: The Little Grey Duck
  • Title: Versus Man, Versus Monster
  • Premiered: 2002-07-29
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    • Kin Selim Yawn
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  • Comments: For my third outing, I wanted to practice making 'beat edits.' What better choice than to use a dance track? And if you're going to use a dance track, why not ask that co-worker who writes his own dance tracks if he'll give you some material to work with?

    It took me three weekends to build this video. I sliced dozens and dozens of 60-frame elements, figuring that elements of that length would give me the right amount of "cropping room" to match the 52- (or is it 53)-frame beats. It worked, alright, but matching dance beats is harder than you would think. Nevermind that sometimes the math seemed to fail, leaving me with "gaping" holes that I had to fill.

    Have I improved as an AMV creator? Probably. Is this video better than my last effort? Technically, though I think Mayuka succeeds better in terms of idea and presentation.

    This is the part where I, like so many others, would normally beg for opinions. Frankly, I know what's wrong with this video so you don't really have to leave an opinion if you're not so inclined. Not that I'd mind, of course, since a good ego-stroking is always good for the soul. =)

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