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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: RSD productions
  • Title: An Infiniti Of Feelings
  • Premiered: 2002-07-28
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    • Linkin Park My December
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    I just have one thing to say……………………
    Bite me.

    I made this video because after I finished watching the eva series and movie, I listened to this song and realized that they matched well together. The song made me reflect on the anime, and the mood was set. What else is there to say???!!! I wanted to make this video cuz it’s cool ok???!!!

    Of course as you can tell this idea cam a very long time ago and I could not make the video because I didn’t have good quality footage. Well 2 or 3 months ago, I seriously wanted to find a end of evangelion dvd. Turns out a Japanese import store near a big mall had a movie dvd movie set for 40 $. I bought it knowing it came from hong kong, lots of people said that was the bootleg, I didn’t care then, I don’t care now, because the quality is great.
    I first asked xeno for help but he knew little about ripping and other things. Instead he told me about someone else….. So I then addressed a person we all know  Absolut3destiny. AD helped me out a lot. After ripping the vob files with smart ripper, i tried emrac’s method, but at the time it was very unclear and not detailed. I followed the guiide, but had no good results. I decided to try my own little thing, when AD gave me a great suggestion. After making the MPEG2DEC.dll file and the dvd2avi file, I made the avs file. I tested it in my windows media player to see if it would play the vobs and it did. So I imported the avs into virtual dub and used an MJPEG codec that AD gave me. After messing around with some quality and filter settings, I exported the vob into a perfect quality, 10 gig, non-interlaced avi file. I use MJPEG over huffyUV because the quality seems much more clear.
    I thought I was going to have to re-encode the avi file to an mpeg or something that would work well in premiere. But to my astonishment, the avi worked very well with premiere.  I did have to change pixel ratio’s and project settings but overall, the avi file worked like any other file.
    The I just repeated the process to my other dvd footage, then next thing I know I was ready to begin editing ^_^

    It took me a few days to actually start because I was nervous and had butterflies. But after watching some eva videos like yoshi1013’s rei video I got motivated. So then I started making the video , while yoshi and koopiskeva gave me some great ideas. It took lots of freezing and rendering but when I finally finshed I was happy 
    I used Microsoft photoshop to make the ending credits. The I re-ecoded the MJPEG that I used to export my footage into a high quality MPEG using ermac’s guide, thanks  And I made a medium quality mpeg with the plain video setting.

    I’d like to thank everyone who helped me make this video, and the people who motivated me into making this video ^_^ Thanks xeno for helping me out and trying to help me make a title :P Thanks devo, for hosting me  Thanks absolute for all the help :P Thanks koopiskeva and yoshi for helping me with ideas and motivation. The thing that I couldn’t get rid of from the very start of my video was a video white line at the top which someone said was from a tape so that must mean that the dvd really is a boot leg ^_^ But I still don’t care cuz the quality was great.

    The one on the link ~ CBR 1150 kbps, MPEG, at 38.4 MB
    The one you have to get from me ~ CBR 2000 kbps. MPEG at 61.2 MB

    For some reason I tried cropping the video with tmpgenc while I did the final encode but it made me end up with a very unusually small viewing area. I tried a regular Ermac style VBR 2000 encode but the viewing area still got very messed up and I will try and figure out why……….

    I don’t know why but this is the part which seems to take long as easy as it sounds. I always like to make a good title but the lyrics didn’t help me find a new title compared to others with the song “My December.” Xeno helped me with this but eventually we just ened up making stupid titles like “penisis evan gelly on me.” I noticed that infiniti wasn’t overused at all and I had to use the word feelings because this video is about the feelings of evangelion. So I simply decided on “An Infiniti of feelings.”

    You can get this or any other video from me on the AOL instant messenger which transfers at an average of 40 KBPS (cable/dsl connection speed). My screen name is RightSideDriveSI.

    I spent 40$ on this video, but that’s nothing compared to the effort and emotion I put into this amv. These are my feelings of Evangelion………

    Thank you devo for hosting me ^_^

    yes, i meant to spell the infiniti like that !!!! it looks better.

    Please be nice, leave a review ^_^ thank you

    *** TIED for best technical video with Koop's Eva damaged video at Sugoi Con 2002***

    ***UPDATE >>> STEP UP TO XVID***

    The Local download link is from this site and is in High Quality VBR Xvid format.
    You will need the Xvid Codec to play this video.

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