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  • Member: andyscout
  • Studio: A. Rich. Studios
  • Title: Reel Big AMV
  • Premiered: 2005-11-21
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  • Songs:
    • Reel Big Fish Bad Guy
    • Reel Big Fish Ban the Tube Top
    • Reel Big Fish Drunk Again
    • Reel Big Fish New York, New York
    • Reel Big Fish Rock 'N' Roll is Bitchin'
    • Reel Big Fish suckers
  • Anime:
  • Comments: If you like Reel Big Fish and anime, this music video is for you. There were a bunch of RBF songs that I wanted to use, but not enough time to make a ton of AMVs, so to compromise, I cut the six songs down to about 25-45 seconds and put them end to end (making sure they didn't jump too much). Then I added six animes, edited accordingly, and viola! An AMV. I spent alot of time worring about this video. Technically it was done about 5 days before the day I said it premiered, but I kept finding things I wanted to fix, or trying to get fiends preview it and tell me what they thought I should fix. Eventually I told myself, "to heck with it," and put it up.
    Enjoy and leave an opinion, please!

    Editor: Ulead Videostudio 9
    Compression: Virtual Dub Mod
    Dvd ripping: Virtual Dub Mod
    DVD Decrypter

    ~10 hours of work over about 5 days

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