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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Title: Shooting Stars: Just the Two of Us
  • Premiered: 2005-11-24
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    • Hoobastank Connected
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    When I first started this video my intention was to do a full romance vid. However as the video progessed, a number of action sequences were added. The result is a short Action/Romance hybrid. I don't try to tell an indept story with this vid. Instead, I follow Jinto and Lafiel (the series' main characters) through a number of their adventures, syncing with the music and lyrics as the video unfolds. The song, Hoobastank's Connected, fit this concept well, and thanks have to go to my step-brother for letting me borrow his Halo 2 soundtrack again. This video is also the first credited use of Banner of the Stars III (Seikai no Senki III). Banner III is a short OAV with a running time of about an hour, but it still offered a few great scenes for the video. That should about do it for this portion of my comments. Now on to...

    Production Notes:
    The big technical issues I faced with this video was combining Banner III footage (Aspect Ratio: 640x360) with Crest and Banner I footage (Aspect Ratio: 640x480). Do I leave the footage of both alone, creating a noticeable visual inconsistantcy? Do I stretch Banner III, or compress Crest and Banner I? Or do I just start hacking off edges? In the end I decided to do the final video with an aspect ratio of 640x360, slightly compressing and hacking the first two series. I did this for two reasons, one artist, one technical. The artistic being I wanted to pick one ratio without adding any noticeable distortion and Crest looked better cut at the top and bottom then Banner III did cut at the sides. The technical reason? I saw a chance to cut down on file size and I took it. The file size is still kinda big for a 2:46 minute video, but I saw no reason to cut down on quality, audio or video, while I was still under 40MB in size. Now that's about all I have to say, so watch and enjoy.

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