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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: The Day We Ran
  • Premiered: 2005-11-23
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  • Song:
    • enomine Das Rad des Schicksals
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  • Comments: Completing this AMV was in itself an accomplishment for me as I was seriousely contemplating deleting it after the fun I had working with my previous, shorter vid. It sat in my hard drive for quite a while before I decided to give it another try. And what do you know? I went and completed it =O

    Theme :
    This AMV is dedicated to Brandon and Harry, the main characters of GunGrave. The vid follows these characters and explores their lives in a reflective kind of way. It is as if the two characters are remembering their pasts and what they had together, which all builds up to the climax at the end.

    Yup. This vid contains extremely spoilery content, so if you haven’t seen GunGrave, then don’t go near this vid because it lets out too much information about what happens, unless –of course- you don’t mind ruining a great series for yourself. ;P

    I was introduced to the song from a FMA vid titled Don’t Forget. The song is in German, and had a sort of “remembering” feel to it, so I decided to go on and use it ^^ My first choice for a song was “Until the day I die” by Story of the year, though.

    Ulead Video Studio 9 – Microsoft Photo Draw – Virtual dub – Avi synth

    About a month, I’d say.

    Effects :
    Did a lot of overlaying in this one, and I made use of the panning tricks I learned when making “The Weasel and the Screw”. I made sure to balance out the effects as best I could. I wanted to add more text towards the end but I though that it would cramp the screen and decided otherwise.

    Text at beginning:
    The text I used is part of a poem written in Arabic by a Palestinian poet; Nazek Al- Malaeka. I first wanted to use the original lyrics from the song, but unfortunately couldn’t find a complete translation from German to English, so I decided to use Arabic lyrics for a change. I also included English subtitles for the lines, which are my own translation of the original poem. Here are the translated lines in English: (I tried my best to the give the most accurate translation ^^;)

    Hours ticked away like a withering past
    Like tomorrow, whether dawn or dark, I do not know
    Hours ticked away, silent like a winter air
    It strangeled me, overwhelmed me
    It whispered to my soul
    "You are under the storms of heaven,

    And that’s about it. Hope you enjoy the vid and comments are always welcome especially in terms of what can be improved editing-wise ^_^

    That being said, enjoy again~! ;P

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