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  • Member: recoilfx
  • Title: Para Para Goddess
  • Premiered: 2002-07-26
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  • Song:
    • Aaron Kwok Para Para Sakura
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  • Comments: Well this is actually my second AMV, the first one i made was a FF7 one, its called something like "A tribute to Final Fantasy 7", made with Windows Movie Maker(UGHK!) i don't even got a copy of it anymore :) it was relased all the way back in.. .hmm when that scour program was still alive... Maybe some1 out there still got a copy or soemthing...

    How i actually decided to make an AMV is beyond me... I didn't really go through a creative process at all. I was watching a movie called Para Para Sakura, the movie itself was awful, but the theme song just kinda stuck in my head, and then i rented AMG the movie, and i was like... DUDE, ill just combine them or something... Hehe, so much for planning(which i later found out that accordding to the laws set before the AMV communinity: THOU SHALT PLAN, so i guess i suck), but anyhow, the whole AMV is a one big spoiler, not much creative process went into it, its not a character profile, not a parady and etc... Its more like a chornological retelling of the movie in 3 to 4 mins. I didn't even realize there is need for creatve process until i bumped into this website and saw some of the AMVs. Heck i didn't even know AMV community existed before this video :)

    Anyhow, the editing process was painful. Para Para Sakura is a really fast song, and that kind sux for a musically retraded person like me since i didn't even know how to detect measures and beats so i can quantitize the song to the time line. I had to bring my hard drive to my friend Tim's house so that he could help me with the beats, THANK YOU TIM!!! (and did I tell you that in order to edit this video in DV format, i had to buy a brand new HD? My poor wallet... its going on a bad diet :) )

    It's a good thing that i was using Vegas Video, premier would literally drive me insane. I hate premier, sorry folks.... Vegas' interface and real time preview is just sooo much better, atleast in my opinion that is :) Though the split tool(equvalent of raz0r tool in premier) in Vegas can kiss my butt....

    I don't know how i should say about special effects.. i certianlly used filter to correct colors in all of the video, the orignal dvd is actually kinda dark, so i increased the brightness with glow and increased the contrast... actually i think most AMV creators should do that, the colors of the footage they get(even if they are from dvd) may not look so good(especially after they get compressed), but if they preprocess all the clips then picture quality is alot more pleasing... , other then that, there are no more special effects :)

    This video was made in about 4 days, none stop editing and rendeirng... i think one session lasted more than 17 hrs .. yeah i got a life(its summer bahh!!!) .... Learning the program and EDITING A FAST SONG is the MOST PAINFUL process of all.... the truth is that i don't know if i want to edit another MV anymore... well, maybe in couple months, when i am gladdened for punishment again... Adn that time, i would acutally make an original video...

    Anyhow, C&C r very welcomed!!! THey can be harsh as long as they constructive :)

    I am currently desparately seraching for a place to host this AMV, i am hosting it right now on my cable account, which is 30kb max(but i throttled it down to 25kb cuz a 30k through put would just kill my down stream), so if any of the demi-gods out there can help me host this MV, i would be forevre in debt.... please contact me!!!!!! THANK YOU

    The DIVX file is 512x384, while the mpg is only 352x240... i suggest the divx file, however, if ur pooter cant handle it there is always the mpg...

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