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  • Member: Dalton6
  • Studio: Flaming Pie Productions
  • Title: Inconceivable
  • Premiered: 2005-11-14
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  • Song:
    • Don McLean Everybody Loves Me, Baby
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Anime: Prince of Tennis
    Song: "Everybody Loves Me, Baby" by Don McLean
    Concept: my twisted friend, D.I.
    editing: Flaming Pie Productions
    Tools used: Adobe Premiere Elements, Virtualdub, & dBPowerAmp
    Character pairing: Not what one would expect.

    Ego-sama...(excuse me, I meant) Ore-sama has been rejected. Inconceivable!

    I love Atobe. D.I. loves to hate Atobe. While making this video I tried to remain true to her passion while catering to mine. ^________^

    Subtitles appear three times--all on purpose.
    1- "Echizen"..."mada mada dane." : used during the intro for humor's sake.
    2- "Don Atobe" : the words were left in because cropping them out would've removed most of the money pile underneath Atobe, taking away the purpose of the clip.
    3- "Right Kabaji?"..."Yup." : Again, for humor's sake (probably only for my humor's sake). Atobe needed reassurance from his trusty Yes-man.

    In-joke sightings :
    1- "The anarchists are all enslaved."
    2- "I've done some bad and I've done some good."
    (find any more and you win a cookie!....or just the satisfaction that you discovered and understood an in-joke. ^__^)

    Video quality: While not perfect and inconsistant, it's not horrific. My Christmas wish is to find a way to get Elements to let me pre-set the video properties so I may have more control over quality. (The darn thing won't give me that option.)

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