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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: At the Beginning
  • Premiered: 2000-06-02
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    • Richard Marx and Donna Lewis At The Beginning
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    - RCA Pro-Edit Camcorder
    - Toshiba VHS VCR

    Compressed with Tsunami MPEG Encoder

    This was the last anime music video I ever made on my camcorder/VCR linear set-up. I captured the footage straight over AV cables from my Playstation as I played the game. I have gone back into the video since I made it, and added a few fade and dissolve transitions, however, the timing and editing itself remains as it was when I made it with my little ol' 1989 RCA Pro-Edit camcorder.

    This video seems to be a favorite more among female fans than male ones, or at least they're more vocal about it.

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