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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Title: Darkest Hour
  • Premiered: 2005-11-13
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    • Denail of Existance Darkest Hour
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  • Comments: Well this is yet another DBZ video I made. This one focuses on the dark times the Z Warriors had in battle either dying or getting the crapped kicked out of. There are no effects in this video but the timing of this vid is great. I was looking on how the music fit the scenes more than any thing. I really couldnt come up with any effect ideas that I wanted to. I tried to include different Z warriors besides Goku although Goku gets the most screen time because he's the one whos usually getting the crap kicked out of. He had most of the scenes I was looking for though. Theres not really any spoilers unless you havent seen any of the movies or specials. I used mostly scenes from the Freeza saga. I used bits and pieces from the Saiyanjin saga and Android saga. The movies I used were movie 4, movie 8, movie 9, Bardock and Trunks specials. The music in this video is done by a good friend of mine. This is some of his instrumental work that he's done. When he was talking to me about the song he said it would make a good DBZ video. So i decided to go and make one for him with it.

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