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  • Member: toddashi
  • Studio: ashi nyo
  • Title: Is It Too Late?
  • Premiered: 2005-11-12
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    • TATU Friend or Foe
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  • Comments: This took me about a week and a half, including about 3 days where I spent most of the day on it. I had this idea for a Nanoha AMV with "Power and the Passion" by Midnight Oil. I had started cutting clips, when my roommate got the new Tatu CD, "Dangerous and Moving."

    I was listening to one of the tracks in my car, and when it ended, I repeated it: "Friend or Foe." Then it hit me: This could work for my Nanoha AMV. Tatu quickly took it over in my head. Sorry, Midnight Oil.

    There are spoilers in ths video, and there is yuri content. It's pretty strongly hinted that two girls from the show care about each other a lot and might be in love, and I run with that. In the series, they start off enemies and become friends. In the song, two girls used to be friends, but might be enemies now.

    I used Virtualdub 1.6.11 under Windows 2000 to cut out potential clips from the raw episodes and Final Cut Pro HD under Mac OS X 10.4.3 to put it all together. I exported it, and then I used MEncoder to convert it to AVI. I made an opening title clip and grafted it on using Virtualdub again. It's saved as an XviD AVI file.

    I tried to enter this AMV for the Anime Los Angeles AMV contest in 2006, but it got lost. I entered it in the 2006 Anime Oasis AMV contest, but there were technical difficulties, and it finally got shown while people were already voting. There was also the comedy of, "What is the name of your AMV?" "Is It Too Late?" "No, it's not too late. What is the title?!"

    In 2009, I gave permission to FoxJones to re-use this concept with the same series and music. Go watch his too! I like it.

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