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  • Member: SecondChild
  • Studio: Lost Children Productions
  • Title: Requiem For Setsuko
  • Premiered: 2002-07-23
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    • Pink Floyd The Narrow Way Part Three
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  • Comments: Another video born of technical intent... only this one turned out much MUCH better than "Come On, Tomahawk!" as I had a creative vision for it once I picked the anime and song.

    I wanted to test out using transparency. I spoke with Scott Melzer about it at PortConMaine 2002 and he said he thought it was overrused anyway, but that he enjoyed the effect when it was used for a purpose (like signifying thoughts, etc). In any event, for a while I had wanted to create a video using this effect in a creative fashion. After watching Grave Of The Fireflies, I knew that I had to create a video as my own way of praising and promoting this wonderful, emotional film. Originally I had wanted to set it to "The Crying Song" by Pink Floyd, for obvious reasons, but the lyrics "we cry and cry" might have been misinterpreted as having comedic intent. So I opted to "The Narrow Way Part Three" another great song by Pink Floyd, and a tragically underrated/seldom heard one at that. I think this song just drips with melancholy, and I'm truly happy with the result of having mixed it with Grave Of The Fireflies.

    **WARNING! This video contains clips which reveal several emotional scenes which will may take away from their impact when/if you watch the film if you haven't yet seen it. They don't quite qualify as spoilers because of the nature of the film, but if you are planning on seeing Grave Of The Fireflies, I'd highly reccomend that you do so before viewing this video.**

    Having seen the film will enhance your enjoyment of this video as well, for you may not catch all of the symbolism if you don't know what happens in the film.

    If you wish to view this video and don't plan on seeing Grave Of The Fireflies anytime soon and don't care about spoilers, please read the following facts (also read if you've already seen the film):

    1.) This film (if you didn't know) is based on the true story of a man who lost his sister to malnutrition during World War II in Japan. The protagonist of this film, Seita, first loses his mother in a bombing, and then recieves word that his father (in the Navy) is dead. He and his little sister, Setsuko, go to live with their aunt, who treats them cruelly. They decide to live by themselves in an old abandoned shelter. They run out of money and food is scarce... after a long struggle, Setsuko dies.

    2.) The films starts at the "end" chronologically, with Seita dying, having starved to death himself. Before he dies he sighs "Setsuko"... His last thoughts were of his sister... and I wanted to illustrate what I think his last thoughts might have been. That's what this video is; Seita's last thoughts. Hence; Requiem For Setsuko.

    3.) Any flashes of Seita crying/lying in the alley are taking place in the "present". At the end of the video, Seita dies. This video (and the film itself) would have been perhaps unforgiveably depressing if Seita and Setsuko had not been rejoined after death. Although I am an atheist, I think this is a beautiful thought, and I wish the film had featured that scene at the end, like I did in the video, so you are left on as happy a note as is possible with subject matter like this.

    4.) Note that the verse of the song is very sad, while the chorus is almost uplifting... almost. In much the same way, Seita's "thoughts" wander from sad to happy.

    One last note: I apologize for the lack of quality. I really wanted to wait until I got my new computer to make this video, so I could rip the footage from a DVD... but as it is, I really wanted to make it and couldn't put it off... so I had to use a DiVX fansub... =( This both limited what I could pull (subtitles) and put a damper on the video quality. Perhaps I'll recreate it once I get my new computer (who knows when that will be...) Anyway, I'm aware that the video quality is sub-par, so please keep your comments on the creative side. =0

    Sorry for the novel I just wrote. I hope you enjoy my video! Please e-mail me with comments at;


    - Aaron Becker (TSC)

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