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  • Member: Greek Prince
  • Title: Bio-Phenomenon
  • Premiered: 2005-11-11
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    • Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon
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  • Comments: Well here it is the finally released Phenomenon video based on the new guyver series.

    I have worked very hard on this video, really hard and i hope that when people see this video it will inspire them to do better in their videos and with any feedback i get will hopefully improve my future videos, but i am really anxious to know how i did on this video and other peoples points of view which is why i uploaded this video on

    Anyway about the Bio-Phenomenon video, this song was really suited for a guyver video becuase the phenomenon is the actual guyver armor that protects the main character so it makes sense on it's own, so i didnt throw together a cool song with a video like most people do, i tried to keep it original

    Ok this video starts off kinda slow but still intense to slowly get the viewers attention and then when the beat drops i used specific timing with effects and other skills to give a really great overlook on the video, it has its slow moments but even the slow moments arent really slow there was a serious part i added sometime in the video when guyver 1 is forced to kill his father just after saving him from death and the video starts to get really fast and intense up to that point.

    Warning: may cause seizures - This video contains a lot of flashing lights so it may not be suitable for people who have problems with that.

    Anyway i dont want to spoil anything so heck it out this video is awesome in my opinion and my best by far and you wont be dissapointed...i hope...cya until i make my next video

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