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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Experimental Premonitions
  • Premiered: 2005-11-10
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  • Song:
    • Good Charlotte A New Beginning
  • Anime:
  • Comments: A quickie music video. My eleventh video total.

    Inspiration for the video...
    I was just getting bored with my current project, so I decided to play around with this instead. I was going to use it as an experiment with VDub, but the .avi was completely messed up. So, I said fuck it, and uploaded the .wmv at the best quality I could get it. That's all there really is to it.

    About the song...
    Due to the nature of the project, I wanted a thirty second song, or a thirty second section that I could pull from a song. When sifting through my music, I found Good Charlotte and "A New Beginning." While the blaring rock after the opening was far out of my reach editing-wise, I found that I could easily manipulate the first thirty or so seconds of the song. And so it was. I imported this song and went to work.

    About the source...
    Why Elfen Lied? Well, I was making screencaps of it at the time, so that's what I went with. Yeah, they're fansubs, but the video doesn't have any subtitles. You just have to ignore an irritating logo with this one. I could have just as easily used any other game or anime, but I chose this one since I already had it imported into my program.

    About the editing...
    Basically, if I liked the idea, I tried it. That's why the editing style may seem a bit arbitrary. I wanted to try out different stuff so I'd know how it would look if I tried it in a "real" video. Timing is pretty good, mood is utterly pointless, but relatively serious. Scene selection had some guidelines, but mostly I was just looking for something that matched the mood.

    So..."Experimental Premonitions." experimental = I was trying out lots of new stuff. premonitions = things I tried here may affect my future videos.

    Well, there you have it. My video. Like it or leave it; it's not that spectacular, but it's also short enough to earn a watching from most people.

    Opinions are adored, and quick comments are very much appreciated. Also...

    As always, Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - Jen

    PS: P1/\/KYz0rz. ^_^

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