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  • Member: Tenjou
  • Studio: Shapeshifter Studios
  • Title: Angel Sanctuary
  • Premiered: 2002-07-22
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    • Drain STH I Wish...
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  • Comments: My very first video. Participated in the MCAS music video contest where it won second place in the professional vote and first place in the overall popular vote. Heavy on the spoilers, I made no qualms about spoiling certain aspects of Angel Sanctuary. The watcher beware.

    Er, I guess in case anyone cares I used the DVD and a program called SmartRipper. I also used Adobe Premiere and I believe the divx or indeo codec.

    Focuses mainly on the plot between Setsuna, Sarah, and Rosiel, with a little bit of Katan and Kira.

    Drain STH has broken up, yes... so if you like the song I'm sorry to say that they're not together anymore... But they do have two CDs out that you can look for: Horror Wrestling and Freaks of Nature. This song belongs to "Freaks of Nature".

    I appreciate any and all comments, as well as technical suggestions, though this is my first video and I have done another since, I am always looking to improve. Thank you to Chaos Angel and Pumpkinchick 28 for commenting already. ^_^ And thank you to anyone else who takes the time to view the video and/or leave a comment.

    Personal Use: 251 downloads from previous indirect link.

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