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  • Member: faerie
  • Title: Escaflowne - Kissed by a Rose
  • Premiered: not yet
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  • Song:
    • Seal Kiss from a Rose
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  • Comments: My first-ever music video.......only made with Windows Movie Maker, as I have no clue on how to make a video in Adobe's complicated :(

    However, despite my apparent 'new-ness' to anime music video making, I think that this video is quite good in it's own right. The quality may not be too good, but hey - that's life. I hopefully got the timing done well, as I spent ages agonising over it. God bless chocolate and solitare ^^

    This video is available on kazaa, as I don't have any sort of hosting for it. Look under :

    Visions of Escaflowne - Kissed by a Rose

    My user name is faerie lights. Ciao!

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