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  • Member: jubjub2
  • Studio: JubJub2
  • Title: Love's Divine - A non-violent Elfen Lied Video
  • Premiered: 2005-11-28
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    • Seal Love's Divine
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  • Comments: ***WARNING!***
    Not only are there spoilers, but this is a NON-VIOLENT, NON-NUDITY VIDEO!
    If you want that sorta thing, it's not here!

    Yet another challenge. Yet another video.

    This is dedicated to Judge Holden, who wrote in one of his journal entries the following:

    A Challenge
    2005-10-17 11:19:26

    I Challenge anyone to make an Elfen Lied video without nudity or excessive violence. I think it can be done and done well, but it would be a good challenge for one of ya' all.

    That's my 26kb,

    So I ran with it.

    This is what resulted.

    There is NO BLOOD.

    There is NO GORE.

    There is NO NUDITY.

    No boobies, violence, decapitations, mutilations. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    If you are looking for that, you'll have to look elsewhere. heh!
    The song actually made me create the video. I was listening to my playlist one day, and this song just seemed to call out to be used. I had already been mulling over the journal challenge, so this just seemed perfect.

    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Virtual Dub Mod

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