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  • Member: Moonlight Soldier
  • Studio: The Firefly Chronicles
  • Title: As the Goddess Cries
  • Premiered: 2005-11-08
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    • Conjure One feat. Sinead O'Connor Tears from the Moon
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  • Comments: Well here you go, the first video concept I ever wanted to edit.

    I heard this song a few years ago and I could piece together the scenes in my mind – I just didn’t have any editing experience or the computer to handle it.

    When I finally did, I put off editing it because I wanted to gain some experience, I wanted this video to be the best it could be.

    I think I’ve done it justice.

    Word on the street,

    "I particularly loved the story weaving in this, and how well you manipulated the emotion in the song with that of the footage. something I didn't think was even possible to this extent with sailormoon." -Bakadeshi

    "Incidentally, I used to like Sailor Moon when I was a little girl, but never saw any of these particular scenes. I've seen a few Sailor Moon videos, but none besides this one have made me want to watch more of it. " - Aliea_Ileia

    The following description contains spoilers for the Sailor Moon Classic Series…



    I always loved the episodes that focused on Endymion and Serenity. I loved the allusions to mythology, and as a sap, I loved the story. With the exception of Meri’s Memory video, I haven’t seen many videos that use this side-story.

    I incorporated scenes from the pair’s past, present, and future life, I wanted to show their struggle. [And well, as per the song, I only showed their stuggle, DRAMA!] Thus the video has three main arcs.

    The first shows their past, the villain is Beryl, who sold her soul to a demon to destroy the woman who held her lover’s heart. She was the trigger that set their past into tragedy. [0-1:39]

    The second part begins with Mamoru (Endymion) having nightmares of their future wedding. Their struggle in the present was caused by uncertainties for their future. [1:39-3:06] OMG they break up!

    And the last segment focuses on the battle with Beryl to show how the pair changed their own destiny. [They still die though, I don’t care what DIC wants you to think, they died [pain included] several times in the first series, they just have a tendency to reincarnate themselves…convenient eh?] [3:06-4:30]

    Manipulation came in during that whole sequence from 2:16 – 3:06, neither character ever thinks about their past lives in that series. I melded two different series together to give the allusion that both of them were thinking about their tragic past and then ended up breaking up over it.

    The second grand manipulation came at 3:06- 4:03, Beryl was never a part of those scenes. She just conveniently wielded a large ice shard against Usagi during the final episode, most of those scenes stem from episodes 34 and 35 where the pair reveal their “secret identities” to one another and remember their past lives. I was trying to make it look as if they were remembering how they always end up separated by tragedy. Woot?

    On effects

    This video contains: fades, overlays, sped up footage, reversed footage, episode manipulation and the ‘wave’ transition.

    I didn’t want to make it too flashy, I wanted to keep my simplistic style while manipulating the narrative. I think the only people who will note most of the manipulation will be Sailor Moon fans as the most obvious “effect” is my wavy transition. [At least that’s what I think anyways.]

    On quality

    These are dvd rips from ADV’s release of the uncut Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R box sets. The footage is from 1992. I cleaned it up as best as I could with avisynth, and cropped off some of some pixels from all sides as there was a lot of static/crappy looking footage that would creep up.

    Can’t do anything about the splotches that appear in the middle of the frame though.

    Thank you my dear beta testers: Dcdeveloperx and Pwolfamv and to Atomx who helped me fix the aspect ratio. ^.^

    I hope you enjoy this video, and feel free to leave me any feedback.



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