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  • Member: badmartialarts
  • Studio: Bad Martial Arts
  • Title: AMV Iron Chef Round 1 Video: Today's News
  • Premiered: 2005-11-07
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    • Broken Spindles Events & Affairs
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  • Comments: This was my AMV Iron Chef Round 1 video, going against dokool. The song we had to use was in my opinion, terrible, and I think that shows in my editing. :(

    Basically, the song is very gloomy and emo-ish, with the only remotely good part of the song being the rather creative guitar riffing, which unfortunately got REAL repetitive REAL fast. So, here I was, listening to the song, knowing that my source was A Tree of Palme, wishing my source was Excel Saga DVD 2 but forcing that wish aside and trying to come up with SOMETHING that fit the lyrics. At first, I tried making a fake-looking newspaper page, but I realized that I only had two hours and I couldn't really waste time. But the idea of a newspaper stuck with me, and so I just condensed the idea to headlines from a newspaper, which was further condensed to some very stark text that I overlaid over some of the more depressing scenes from A Tree of Palme, thus satisfying my need to 'fit' the lyrics (the song is about how the news only shows the bad stuff in the world...well, that's my interpretation at least). I then beat synced the guitar riffing with some transparency and opacity noodling, and hacked together the end of the video with the end of the movie. It's not all that spoilerish, but meh.

    The funny thing is, dokool used the first verse of the song and made a lighthearted action comedy video with it, and I used the second verse and made a dark near-political commentary video with it. Same song, but the editing and the sources make two completely different videos. That's why I like Iron Chef.

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