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  • Member: Ekala
  • Title: Another Weird Al Video
  • Premiered: 2005-11-08
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  • Song:
    • Weird Al Yankovic Alternative Polka
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  • Comments: This was inspired by another music video to the same song, with different footage. They had the whole Ayame to the ending segment...and I couldn't resist making my own.
    I apologise for the segmented computer's being an idiot and wouldn't save the whole thing, so I had to save it in parts and then put those together.
    Otherwise, I'm happy with it. :D Akito with the 'bang' part just fits SO well. That's definitely my favorite part...and my least favorite part has to be the segment at the beginning. >> I should have done better with it...
    Oh, and no, there's NOT going to be any intentional lipsync. The only 'digital effects' were lots of speeding up or slowing down of clips, plus one horizontal mirror. Not anything special.

    WARNINGS: General craziness (of course), shounen-ai hints/blantant reference, lots of stuff blowing up and people getting hurt.

    Used: Windows Movie Maker
    Time: Around 15 hours

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