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  • Member: !N$@N3
  • Studio: ~NightHawk Studios~
  • Premiered: 2005-10-06
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    • Scottie(!N$@N3) MY OWN FUNNY VOICE
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  • Comments: 1st off let me say HAHAHAHAHAH!! This was one of THE BEST paradies I have made. Btw you may want to TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP only because you may not be able to hear what I said in it. There is no music, just my voice making fun of what they really say. Trust me it;s really funny, a couple of my friends saw it before I put it on this site. Please comment, just to see if it was funny enough.
    L8ER: Scottie :P
    P.S. When I say MY OWN FUNNY VOICE, I seriously mean that it's not a song lol. Also someone had commented one me breathing into the mic. during the Sasuke part, no my mic. had fell lol. But yea if you thinks this is weird I don't blam you...I got bored so I had made this lmao...I mainly picked the Episodes were Sasuke and Naruto were fighting.
    **************YOU MUST READ THIS***************
    I need you viewers to do me a favor. If you download this and you DON'T like it, search my name with supersearch and watch one of my AMVs (nothing like this). Then tell me if I am better at making videos like this or my other AMVs.

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