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  • Member: NIGHT 2
  • Title: Chords For Stars
  • Premiered: 2005-11-05
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  • Song:
    • NOIR Original Soundtrack ~Chloe
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video wasn't planned at first, but came out pretty good. The video on my one of the favorite anime titles.

    The only one video I made not from DVD rip for a simple reason - I thought I'd make a video on this anime, particularly on 2nd season of Seikai no Senki 2 (Banner of the Stars II). With enhanced graphics and 16:9 screen and with another music theme. But later, an idea for this particular video popped in my head. I said to myself: "It's small and not too complex, I can make two of them simultaneously", and started with it.
    And finally this was the only completed, but not the original one.
    The story is simple, but totally unique; all fragments were chosen from different versions.

    Original fansub video was encoded with XviD and I experienced some problems like greenish colors - which I've fixed with filters, but not completely; encoding - somehow, to work with it in Adobe Premiere 6.5 I had to uninstall XviD and use it as DivX. Also I didn't like sharpness and contrast of the original, and tried to fix that too... I put all my effort to improve them.

    Syncing video and audio took a lot of time - the whole video took about 120 hours to make.
    Does it came out good ? )


    Anime :
    Banner of the Stars (Seikai no Senki) tv
    Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou) tv

    Yuki Kajiura - Chloe (NOIR Original Soundtrack)


    Video: DivX 5.1.1, 512x384, 29.97 fps
    Audio: mp3 224 kbps CBR
    File size: 31,289,344 byte
    Duration: 02:48
    Format : .avi


    Adobe Premier 6.5
    Adobe Photoshop
    Virtual Dub


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