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  • Member: RoryTate
  • Title: The Last Love Song On This Little Planet
  • Premiered: 2002-07-20
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    • Barenaked Ladies Lovers In A Dangerous Time
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  • Comments: Yeah, I know...there are only two episodes of SaiKano out. Well, I had this idea ever since I saw the ep 00 preview. The match between the song and anime was uncanny (just like another of my AMVs with Trigun and Metal Church's 'Badlands'). After watching the second episode, I was so inspired by it, and some of the ideas I had for clips to put to the song, that I just had to start. I had no idea if I would have enough footage, but that didn't matter, as I was prepared to do as much as I could, and then put in more stuff from ep 3+ later. But the video turned out better than I had any right to hope for, and I just felt like it should be released. The song has a lot of meaning, and the anime already does as well (I just love the dialogue...thanks to elite-fansubs for the great translations, and the source material)...having the two together has enhanced the meaning of both for me, which is all I can hope it does for others.

    One thing I'm still uneasy about is the use of black & white for some "memory" clips... Others have used this to great advantage in AMVs, so I really wanted to use it in this video... But it was hard to "break out of", as the action scenes needed the colour to feel more "immediate" (and a lot of the other scenes too...the colours used are (dare I say it) very romantic).

    This video was completed in about 5 evenings, totaling approximately 25 hours of work. There are two versions available: a small and a normal version. I recommend downloading the normal version, unless you have a slow internet connection, or have a computer that can't play large video that well.

    The first two links below are for 2 different versions of the same music video:

    Direct 1 (FTP): 640 x 368 resolution (recommended)
    Direct 2 (FTP): 320 x 188 resolution (for slower computers and/or slower internet connections)
    Direct 3 (HTTP): 640 x 368 resolution (recommended)

    The Direct 1 and Direct 3 are the same higher res video. Try the first one, and if you have problems connecting to my FTP, then you should try the Direct 3 link. (Link 3 was down for a bit on the weekend, but it's back up and should be working now.)

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