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  • Members (7): majindan, Azrael BDC, KingDavid, Miko23, Sirscribe, celibi87, djanime2002
  • Title: Boundless Impact
  • Premiered: 2005-11-05
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  • Songs:
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC All Hell Breaks Loose
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Blasphemy 2.0
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Imperativa
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Lacrimosa
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Liberation!
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Redrum 3.0
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Majindan Comments:
    Well I finally finish this project, it took a good time to make it but it's well worth it.
    This project consist of great cinematic music from "Immediate Music".
    I've mixed 7 great songs and gave six editors each song for them to edit with and in the end I'll just put them together (obviously ^^) but I believe every body did there best on each of there segments which looks great to me, in fact every segment is really good!
    I enjoyed making this project with the people, it was really fun, plus I also enjoy making the video with this great songs ^^.

    On my part of my segment I had the song called All Hell Breaks Loose, and that off the tip of my mind reminded me of Hellsing, but I thought the anime was use to much but I remember I have the new Helling on me and that is how my whole part in my segment came about ^_^.

    DJanime2002 Comments:
    Hey Djanime2002 here.
    I did segment 3 to the name of the song called Blasphemy 2.0.
    I used the anime bleach for this segment.
    I really enjoyed working on this project with majindan and the other editors.
    Hope everyone enjoys the video because it took a lot time and effort to do this project.

    Well that is it for comments, the editors comments r going to b added soon..., hopefully lol.
    Now stop reading and go and watch Boundless Impact ^_^.

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