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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: The Weasel and the Screw
  • Premiered: 2005-11-04
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    • Mika Arisaka dis-
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  • Comments: *****PLEASE NOTE: The Symbol used at the beginning of the AMV in association with the ying yang is NOT the nazi swastika. This is the manga version of Neji's cursed seal and it is a Bhuddist symbol that means serenity and peace of mind. It was present long before the nazis decided to use it for their movement. The symbol has been bothering people, so I chose to clear that up.******

    Heh.... yet ANOTHER Naruto vid from me!

    But this one is a bit different. I made a vid about my all time favourite pairing, Itachi x Neji! So, if you feel that the concept is too awkward or too absurd or that you extremely hate it for whatever reason, then don't watch it. ;P

    The song is the opening theme from Infinite Ryvius, an anime that could not decide for the life of it whether it wanted to be a mecha anime or a teenage angst anime, but the opening theme was cool nonetheless, and I tried to create something that looked like an anime intro. I think that's what people call MADs, but I'm not sure.
    So, there you have it. I was actually happy with how this vid turned out, UNTIL I discovered that, to my dismay, I haven't actually included any "Romance" in it. I am so lame, unlike my cool sisters and their cool ItaNeji ideas. Sigh... Oh well.

    The vid took me a week to put together, and I actually read the guides on compression to have the best quality possible, so it felt like an achievement for me. ^_^

    Again, this vid is something I did as a result of a personal, unrealistic obsession with a crack!pairing. So it might not appeal to just anyone. You have been warned.

    That being said, please enjoy and comments are welcome! ;D

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