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  • Member: ewokmaster
  • Title: On The Brightside
  • Premiered: 2005-10-31
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    • The Killers Mr Brightside
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  • Comments: This is the best video I've ever made. Period. In addition to that, it's a series of firsts. It's my first entirely serious video. It's my first video that attempts to follow a set storyline of sorts. Also, and this is key, it's the first video where I have used Ermac and Absoulute Destiny's guide to all thing video in depth. And, the video quality speaks for itself. With a little more practice, I think I can get it to look even better. So, shout out to those guys for a kickass guide. So, I hope you enjoy it.

    Here's my take on Naota and FLCL; Women corrupt absolutely. Looking at FLCL, Mamimi starts off by both introducing Naota to sex, as she is an older, more experienced woman. She confuses the hell out of Naota, because she is supposed to be his bro's gf. He also feels bad for her because she is alone. So, he develops strong feelings for her, but as a young kid, he confuses sex and companionship, much as Mamimi does. So when the much older Haruko enters his life, he's corrupted even more. Unlike Mamimi who at least feels something for Naota, Haruko merely uses Naota for her own purposes, chasing Atomsk. So now you have young Naota developing confused sexual/love feeling for Haruko.

    So, the video attempts to show Naota struggling with the idea of sex and love. All these emotions that are "all in his head". The first part is mostly dealing with Mamimi, and the second part Haruko. The end ties both up. "Red" Naota is the side of him he never knew before, the one who has been introduced to sex. Canti represents the caring, sentimental side of Naota. Okay...I'm not explaining things very well, so I'll stop now. Anyway, hope you enjoy, and try to figure it out for yourself.

    Also, I realize that much of the footage in my video has been used before in other FLCL videos. In fact, I downloaded a couple FLCL vids after completing mine to see how mine held up against them. I think mine is pretty darn good compared to a lot of them. In fact, I noticed there is already a FLCL vid listed with this song, but it doesn't look like the guy ever finished/uploaded it. Anyway, like I said before, hope you enjoy.

    UPDATE: Found this recently. Apparantly I'm not the only one who sees FLCL as a sexual metaphor. Some similar ideas to my video, analyzes Naota's sexual awakening throughout FLCL.

    Creator's Favorite Part:
    Both of the Naota/Canti scenes during the Chorus.

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